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Creative Writers: Fiction, Poetry, Prose (Magazine + Web)
Visual Artists: Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers (Magazine + Web)

We've got a bit of a split personality, so we want both fun and serious writing. As long as it's well written and solidly reported, we're very open. Bonus points if the story takes place in the South or Midwest. Asian America doesn't exist only on the coasts, you know.

We are interested in issues that affect Asian Americans, but, please, no Asian American Studies 101. We are also interested in tangentially Asian American stories, in quirky stories, and in stories about emerging artists rather than established ones.

Hyphen is an all volunteer run organization and we have very limited funds to pay contributors. These funds mostly go towards long form investigative journalism and costs to produce the cover of the magazine. 

We don't have many rules, but here are a few. Ignore them, and your submission will be rejected:

  • Do not send ideas about people and events in Asia unless they convey something about the Asian diaspora that resonates with the Asian American experience.
  • Absolutely no reprints, though substantially revised or expanded stories will be considered. This means don't send us something that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Do not pitch us a story about a conference. There is nothing more boring than a story about a conference.
  • Don't send us anything that uses the phrase "East meets West." Just don't.


Hyphen is looking for bloggers with style and sass to cover a range of topics from the frivolous to the serious. Coverage may range from profiles to in-depth feature stories, current events-oriented news and analysis to book, movie, and music reviews -- so long as they are well written, solidly reported, and a good fit for the Hyphen voice and audience.

Blogging for Hyphen spans a range of commitment levels


  • Need to have an engaging, conversational style consistent with the Hyphen voice, and be highly informed about Asian American culture and politics.
  • Are considered Hyphen "staff", and commit to posting once every four weeks on topics of interest to Asian America.
  • They should be familiar with AP style.


  • Bloggers who can commit to posting quarterly OR
  • Guest writers to contribute on a less frequent or even one-off, basis. 


  • Contact blog[at]hyphenmagazine[dot]com with the subject "Blogging"


We're looking for writers who can depart from the predictable daily-news structure and tell a story well, with keen observations and strict accuracy. We welcome investigative reporting as well as literary journalism, thoughtful pieces as well as tongue-in-cheek ones. Craft proposals for articles that would interest our readers, provoke dialogue and enrich our readers' learning experiences. Articles must be jargon-free and attributable to unassailable sources. We frown upon clichés and embrace original thinking. We prefer articles rich in color and driven by narrative scenes.

Keep in mind that Hyphen readers range in age from early 20s to mid-30s, but they share an intellectual curiosity that was fused and fueled by their experiences as Asian Americans. This restless curiosity fundamentally shapes our consideration of articles for Hyphen.

As a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization, Hyphen has limited resources, but we can pay (an amount commensurate for a nonprofit) for in-depth, feature-length stories that can carry the theme for each issue. Unfortunately we cannot offer compensation for articles in other departments.


A two-page proposal by email (preferred) or standard mail that includes the following:

  • An overview of the central message of the article you propose. Preferably three or four paragraphs — preferably anecdotal — that introduce us to your point of view.
  • Declare what is new, innovative, useful, counterintuitive, or controversial about the topic.
  • What are the implications both in the near and long term for Asian Americans and others?
  • Why are you proposing the article? How did you happen upon the topic?
  • How did you go about researching the topic? What further research must you do? Describe your sources or other connections.
  • How long do you propose the article will be?
  • What makes you uniquely qualified to write this article?
  • A resume highlighting your writing experiences
  • 3 clips


  • Send submissions as ".doc" attachment
  • Submissions that do not meet all of the criteria above, will not be read
  • Email submssions to: editorial (at) with a subject line of "[Name of Department] Submission" 
  • We do read each correctly submitted query and will respond if the pitch is accepted


LGBTQ Bloggers & Writers

Connect with us to pitch a story, apply for a staff position, or let us know how you'd like to be involved. All positions are volunteer, you'll receive payment in the satisfaction that you're contributing to an organization ensuring Asian American voices are heard, perspectives are told, and faces are seen. This call for pitches and staffers is open to anyone. LGBTQ individuals and people of color are strongly encourage to submit pitches and applications. There is a strong interest in content from the mid-west, south, and content written by/about the broad Pacific Islander and South Asian communities.

General themes to consider: Arts, Politics, Family, Gender & Sexuality, Health, Justice, and History.

We are looking for stories and articles that bring LGBTQ Asian American & Pacific Islander voices to the table. The stories will be published online only. Stories must be written about LGBTQ AAPIs or by an LGBTQ AAPIs. You can write under a pseudonym.


  • Must be original content. No republishing or remixing content you've already written
  • Don't pitch a story just about your organization or work. If you want to talk about immigration, frame it as a first person narrative, talk about the work being done in your region of the country, etc. Get creative.
  • Read the section! You'll see a wide range of topics, writing styles, etc. They each have narratives, something that draws readers in, and are either about the LGBTQ AAPI community or written by someone in the LGBTQ community. 


  • 3-4 sentences about the story you want to write
  • Why are you proposing the article? How did you happen upon the topic?
  • How did you go about researching the topic? What further research must you do? Describe your sources or other connections.
  • How long will the article will be? 
  • When do you plan on publishing your story?
  • Do you have any personal affiliation with the subject?

SEND PITCH & INFO BELOW to Mia Nakano [mia.nakano(at)hyphenmagazine(dot)com]

  • resume, outlining blogging or writing experience
  • 2-3 writing samples
  • cover letter





Hyphen is devoted to providing a venue for emerging and established creative writers who dare to defy and reinvent traditional genres and subject matter. We're seeking fresh voices and courageous perspectives, stories and personal essays that explore new pyschic landscapes, driven by language, humor, character and extraordinary details about the Asian American experience.

Creative writing submission guidelines are listed below:

  • Send only your best, previously unpublished work. Asian American themes are not essential. We are much more interested in work that incorporates identity than in work that is about identity.
  • Please include a short cover note in the body of the email with your complete contact information as well as a third-person bio.
  • Attach your submission in MS Word or a text-only file. For prose, please also paste the entire text into the body of the email.
  • Simultaneous submissions (when you send the same submission to us and other publications) are okay as long as you let us know and notify us immediately when a piece has been accepted elsewhere. 
  • Multiple submissions are not okay (when you send more than one submission to us in the same genre). If you send more than one story or more than five poems, only the first story or first five poems will be considered; the others will not be read. Please wait to hear back before submitting again.
  • Submitting to more than one genre at a time is okay (but please send them separately to the appropriate email addresses).
  • Reading period can be up to six months.
  • We do not accept pieces more than six months in advance for an issue.
  • Submissions for the web are considered on a rolling basis, and is dependent upon space availability.
  • If you have not heard back after six months, feel free to contact the editor.
  • Please note we cannot pay for work at this time, though all print contributors will receive copies of the magazine.

We publish literary fiction of all forms. We generally do not accept novel excerpts unless they stand alone. Asian American themes are not essential though certainly welcome; strong writing and unique voice are considered first and foremost. Please note that stories may be considered for both print and web, unless otherwise requested by the author in the cover letter.

  • Please use 1" margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font.
  • Fiction submissions accepted via email - fiction (at) hyphenmagazine (d0t) com.


  • We publish a single story per issue.
  • Short stories should be between 3,000-5,000 words.
  • We often have a theme for each print issue, so bonus points if your story falls within the theme! 


  • Web literature is published monthly (alternating between fiction, poetry, and novel excerpts).
  • Short stories for web shoud be no longer than 4,000 words. A series of short shorts (flash fiction) totalling no more than 4,000 words will also be considered (though not all stories may be taken). 
  • Web submissions are considered year-round.

We tend to like lyric and narrative poetry. Poems need not be about Asian American themes. Please note that stories may be considered for both print and web, unless otherwise requested by the author in the cover letter.

  • Send no more than five poems in a single file, up to ten pages maximum.
  • Poetry submissions accepted via email - poetry (at) hyphenmagazine (d0t) com.


  • We generally publish one to two poems by a single writer in each print issue.
  • Adhering to an upcoming issue's theme is a plus (though not necessary).


  • Web literature is published monthly (alternating between fiction, poetry, and novel excerpts)
  • One or more poems may be published at a time (usually up to 3 poems).

*A note on web publications: all fiction and poetry published on the web will also be featured in that month's Hyphen Reader, our literature recommendations email. Sign-up for The Hyphen Reader here.*


  • If you are a publicist or author looking to feature an excerpt of your forthcoming book in our monthly lit feature, please contact the editor at hyphenreader (at) No unpublished novel excerpts will be considered except as they adhere to above guidelines for fiction.
  • If you would like a recently web-published piece of yours to be considered for the Reader, please email link to hyphenreader (at) We give priority to pieces published in the most recent month.
  • If you want your book to be reviewed, please contact Books department.
  • If you have a forthcoming book that you'd like listed in a round-up of newly published books, please fill out this form.

Here's where you can talk about yourself. Blogs may be watering down the idea of personal essay, but we still want stories that convey the Asian American experience, be they funny, quirky, serious or all three combined. 500 to 1,000 words.

Send First Person submissions via email - firstperson (at) hyphenmagazine (d0t) com


Hyphen seeks talented photographers, illustrators and digital artists to fill our pages with daring, eye-popping artwork to accompany our articles.


  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent
  • 3 samples of published work
  • A link to your current online portfolio
  • Illustrators & Graphic Designers send portfolios to: design (at) hyphenmagazine (dot) com
  • Phototographers send portfolios to: photo (at) hyphenmagazine (dot) com

Include a Resume, Letter of Intent, and samples of work and send to the address below. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL WORK, your files/documents will not be returned.

c/o Art Team
17 Walter U. Lum Place
San Francisco, CA 94108