Hyphen is a news and culture magazine, media outlet and community partner, that illuminates Asian America through hard-hitting investigative features on the cultural and political trends shaping the fastest-growing ethnic population in the country. We offer in-depth profiles of change-makers in our community and a window into the world of artists and writers who are re-envisioning and rewriting what it means to be Asian American. Through balanced and incisive reporting and sometimes irreverent commentary, we relate the enormous richness, contradiction, and vitality that defines the Asian American experience to stimulate debate, raise awareness, and build bridges within and beyond our own community.

In each issue of Hyphen and through our online editorial channels, you'll find…

  • Interviews with underground musicians, filmmakers and writers
  • Reviews of products made by Asian Americans, from comics, to vegan handbags to jewelry and plush dolls
  • Profiles of activists, artists, athletes and busybodies who are changing the meaning of Asian American
  • Features on health, immigration and the legal system
  • A photo essay, fashion spread or gallery art by a notable visual artist
  • Original fiction and poetry by writers on the rise
  • Quirky analysis of media and pop culture—taking the unexpected in witty directions

Hyphen is a proud member of the AACRE network.